A La Carte Menu For Cats


A La Carte Menu For Cats


Digital Pet

$5/day per pet

Receive a digital update on your pet via email and text, including photos, playtime report and best friends. Can be sent on the day(s) of your choice.

5 Minute Belly Rub & Love


Who doesn’t love belly rubs? This 5 minute belly rub & love session will leave your pet cozy and happy!


$10/10 minutes

10 minutes of one-on-one cuddle time with one of our awesome attendants in your pet’s suite or a play room. Perfect for those pups who can’t get enough snuggle time!

Purified Bottled


Upgrade your pet’s water to purified bottled water for $1 per day.



Some pets need a little more attention or hand feeding during mealtime. This upgrade provides one of our attendants to help your pet while they eat.


Price Varies

Includes deluxe bath as described above, and a full body, breed-specific haircut, Dremel pedicure and teeth brushing. Pricing Varies.

Cat Nail

Full Set (4 paws) $40, Front Paws Only $25, 1 replacement within 1 month $1

Soft nail covers for your cat’s claws to prevent damage due to scratching. Only suggested for indoor cats.


$25 – $65

Price Ranges depending on weight

Catnip Mice


Let your kitty enjoy a catnip filled mouse toy in their condo and bring it home to continue the fun!

Kitty Exercise Sessions

$15/15 Minutes

Our Entertainment Coordinator spends time with your feline doing what they enjoy. Anything from a laser light chase, to playing with feathers, or simply just a good belly rub!

Filled Kitty Kong


Licking releases endorphins, which helps cats calm down and feel happy! Let your cat enjoy a filled Kong in their suite whichever day(s) you choose.

Pureed Chicken or Tuna Before Bed


An added bedtime treat for your feline friend!

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