A La Carte Menu For Cats


A La Carte Menu For Cats


Digital Pet

$5/day per pet

Receive a digital update on your pet via email and text, including photos, playtime report and best friends. Can be sent on the day(s) of your choice.

5 Minute Belly Rub & Love


Who doesn’t love belly rubs? This 5 minute belly rub & love session will leave your pet cozy and happy!


$10/10 minutes

10 minutes of one-on-one cuddle time with one of our awesome attendants in your pet’s suite or a play room. Perfect for those pups who can’t get enough snuggle time!

Purified Bottled


Upgrade your pet’s water to purified bottled water for $1 per day.



Some pets need a little more attention or hand feeding during mealtime. This upgrade provides one of our attendants to help your pet while they eat.

Cat Nail

Full Set (4 paws) $40, Front Paws Only $25, 1 replacement within 1 month $1

Soft nail covers for your cat’s claws to prevent damage due to scratching. Only suggested for indoor cats.

Catnip Mice


Let your kitty enjoy a catnip filled mouse toy in their condo and bring it home to continue the fun!

Kitty Exercise Sessions

$15/15 Minutes

Our Entertainment Coordinator spends time with your feline doing what they enjoy. Anything from a laser light chase, to playing with feathers, or simply just a good belly rub!

Filled Kitty Kong


Licking releases endorphins, which helps cats calm down and feel happy! Let your cat enjoy a filled Kong in their suite whichever day(s) you choose.

Pureed Chicken or Tuna Before Bed


An added bedtime treat for your feline friend!