Comfortable Environment

We value a fear-free environment. Our boarding rooms have soft, dog-friendly colors. We use essential oils and music to soothe anxiety. We only use positive reinforcement techniques. We have an exclusive boarding and play room devoted to our petite pups with their own outdoor play yard, away from the large dogs. We use night-lights for [...]

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State-of-the-art Facility

Pawlins facility features a full veterinary hospital on-site to handle any emergency or routine checkups. Our outdoor play yards have lush K-9 Grass, sanitized each day. There is no gravel to eat or cement to absorb contaminants and odors. No muddy paws here! Outside, there is a refreshing water park designed specifically for dogs to [...]

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Climate-Controlled & Secure

Pawlins is fully climate-controlled with a fresh-air-exchange filtration system that operates every 6 minutes, markedly reducing odors, and the risk of pets being infected with air-borne pathogens. There is an emergency generator so that your pets are never at risk of losing their perfect climate. Pawlins is safeguarded by an advanced security system, including smoke [...]

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