Their Second Home

Luxury boarding for dogs.


Their Second Home

Luxury boarding for dogs.


Our luxury suites are designed specifically for you and your dog’s comfort in mind, with posh Kuranda dog beds, their own personal space to rest, and exercise or playtime with their friends. We take care of all of the bedding, blankets, treats, bowls and toys, but if there is something special you would like to bring from home, we will take great care of it! All of our guests are invited to participate in complimentary daycare during their boarding stay, and if they have not been interviewed prior to boarding, we will schedule that for their first day with us. Complimentary baths are provided after 5 nights of lodging.

Royal Suite: The Royal Suites are luxurious, quiet, and the most spacious suites with beautiful Kuranda beds with headboards, a large window and full access to a private yard, a flat-screen TV featuring dog-friendly movies, soothing music, individual lighting and turn-down service, plus webcam access for the dog parent.

Grand Suite: Spacious, glass-enclosed suites with soothing music and nightlights to reduce stress. These spacious enclosures are big enough for the largest breeds or perfect for a multi-dog family.

Pawlins Classic: Upscale standard suites with glass doors, Kuranda beds with plush bedding, soothing music and nightlights to reduce stress.

Petite Suites: These suites are dedicated exclusively to our smallest breeds, with plush bedding, their own play-room with rubber flooring to protect fragile joints and an exclusive outdoor yard far away from our larger dogs.


Dog Boarding
Petite Suite- $49
2nd guest or more- $39

Pawlins Classic Suite- $52
2nd guest or more- $42

Grand Suite- $60
2nd guest or more- $50

Royal Suite- $70
2nd guest or more- $57

Check In/Check Out

All dogs must enter and exit the facility on a leash or lead. Please check-in with our Hospitality Coordinators at the front kiosks and they will confirm all the information regarding your dog’s stay with us. They will also ask for descriptions of anything you brought for their stay.

Check-in Time: Any time throughout the day your dog’s stay begins.

Check-out Time: Prior to 12:00pm (noon) the day your dog’s stay ends.

In the event your dog stays with us past 12:00pm (noon), an additional half day daycare charge will apply. Our guest will continue to play with their friends in daycare until you are able to pick them up.


The most important thing you can bring when dropping off your dog for boarding is their own food. Your dog’s stomach gets adjusted to their food, so having a different type of food could cause them to have an upset stomach. Bringing your own food will make sure that doesn’t happen. In the event that you forget to pack your dog’s food, we will provide our house food at a cost of $3.00 per day per dog. Please bring only the food they will need during their stay with us. If your pet is staying less than 7 nights, please pre-package their food in meal-sized portions in Ziplock bags. For stays longer than a week, we can accommodate larger bags of food in our secure totes.


All dogs must be old enough to have had 3 series of Distemper/Parvo (DHPPV) vaccines, plus:
DHPPV – Every 36 months
Rabies- Every 36 months
Bordatella- Every 6 months
Leptospirosis- Every 12 months
Intestinal Parasite Screen- Every 6 months
Canine Influenza Bivalent- Every 12 months

All dogs must be spayed or neutered above the age of 6 months.
Flea Prevention- All Pets required to be on approved Flea Prevention.”

A La Carte

  • Purified Bottled water- $1
  • Pumpkin dessert- $1
  • Pawlins Homemade Ice Cream- $5
  • Organic Gourmet Treat- $5
  • Filled Kong Toy- $5
  • Belly Rub- A 5 minute session of belly rubs and quality time with one of our staff- $5
  • One on One Fetch-10 minute fetch session perfect for those energetic pups- $10
  • Cuddle session- 10 minute private one on one with staff member- $10 per day
  • Private dining- Meal time with staff member or in a private room- $4 per meal
  • Pawchatrain Park Splash Time- 15 minutes in our water park for your pup- $20