Everyone wants to look great! At our full-service spaw, that’s our specialty. We would love to know more about your pet’s health and hygienic needs so that we may create a personalized plan for bathing and grooming services.

Express Bath: A perfect way to send your pet home smelling and looking great. Complimentary baths are given after 5 days of boarding or 5 consecutive days of daycare.

Deluxe Bath: Includes bath, brush, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning and hand plucking.

Full Groom: Includes deluxe bath as described above, and a full body, breed-specific haircut, dremel pedicure and teeth brushing.

Canine and Feline A La Carte Services:

  • Basic Nail Trim
  • Pawdicure with nail trim and grind, paw pad hair trim, plus moisturizing pad massage for cracked skin
  • Nail Grinding with a Dremel for sure smooth finish
  • Nail Polish
  • Ear Cleaning and Hand Plucking of Hair
  • Anal Gland Expression (external only)
  • De-shedding
  • De-matting
  • Special Handling
  • Sanitary Trim
  • Teeth brushing
  • Eye Cleaning & Eye Area Trim
  • Blueberry Facial (Ideal for removing and cleaning tear and beard stains. Perfect for white and light-colored coats)
  • Feline Sanitary Shave (does not include a bath)

Grooming fees are based on a combination of your pet’s breed, coat condition, coat length, as well as the overall health of the pet.