Everyone wants to look great! At our full-service spaw, that’s our specialty. We would love to know more about your pet’s health and hygienic needs so that we may create a personalized plan for bathing and grooming services.

Express Bath: A perfect way to send your pet home smelling and looking great. Complimentary baths are given after 3 days of boarding or 5 consecutive days of daycare. Prices range from $15 – $60

Deluxe Bath: Includes bath, brush, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning and hand plucking. Pricing Varies.

Full Groom: Includes deluxe bath as described above, and a full body, breed-specific haircut, Dremel pedicure and teeth brushing. Pricing Varies.

Puppy Groom Package: This is just the basics so that your puppy will gain confidence for a positive grooming experience for their whole life. They will get a gentle bath, then we will slowly dry them, trim their
nails, trim the fur around their eyes, pads and their sanitary area. After a few visits your puppy will look forward to being spoiled by our groomer. Prices Range from $15 – $35

Feline Bath – $30 – $40

Feline Deluxe Bath – Includes bath plus a sanitary trim (Feet, Fanny & Face) – $45

Feline Full Shave – $60

Canine and Feline A La Carte Services:

  • Basic Nail Trim: $10
  • Nail Grinding with a Dremel for smooth finish: $15
  • Pawdicure with nail trim and grind, paw pad hair trim, plus moisturizing pad massage for cracked skin: $25
  • Nail Polish: $10
  • Ear Cleaning(Hand Plucking if needed): $10
  • Teeth Brushing: $10
  • Blueberry & Oatmeal Facial (Ideal for cleaning tear & beard stains): $10
  • Deshedding (Special Shampoo, Conditioner, high velocity dryer, plus 15 min of Furminator): $20
  • De-matting: Price Varies
  • Canine Sanitary Trim (Feet, Fanny & Face): Price Varies
  • Anal Gland Expression: $10
  • Special Handling: Price Varies

Grooming fees are based on a combination of your pet’s breed, coat condition, coat length, as well as the overall health of the pet. Pets that are only visiting Pawlins for grooming are not required to be spayed/neutered, but cannot be in heat.


All puppies must be old enough to have had 3 series of Distemper/Parvo (DHPPV) vaccines, plus:
DHPPV – Every 36 months
Rabies- Every 36 months
Bordatella- Every 6 months
Leptospirosis- Every 12 months
Intestinal Parasite Screen- Every 6 months
Canine Influenza Bivalent- Every 12 months
Pets that are only visiting Pawlins for grooming are not required to be spayed/neutered, but cannot be in heat.
Flea Prevention- All Pets are required to be on approved flea prevention.

All cats must have:
FVRCP- Every 36 months
Rabies- Every 36 months
Intestinal Parasite Screen FeLV / FIV Viral Testing- Every 6 months
Indoor only feline needs a negative test on file, Indoor/Outdoor feline need annual test on file.
All cats must be spayed or neutered above the age of 6 months.