If your holiday plans involve travel without your pets, you may feel nervous about leaving them behind. Here at Pawlins, we take great pride in providing your pet with excellent care so you can worry less. You also can take some steps to minimize any stress that you or your pet may feel while boarding. 

Step #1: Give your pet a trial run

Prior to the big day, consider bringing your pet in for a meet-and-greet, which will allow her to become familiar with the sights, sounds, and scents of her home away from home, and ease any stress she may feel come drop-off time. Our team is happy to give you a tour of the facility and address any concerns you may have. Leaving your pet with us for a day or night as a practice run is a great idea for any pet, especially those who may be anxious or stressed. 

Step #2: If your pet has separation anxiety or medical issues, schedule a veterinary visit

A consultation with your family veterinarian can help you and your pet better prepare for a boarding stay. A thorough physical examination and recommended testing ensures your pet is healthy and disease-free. Your furry friend will also need to be up-to-date on her vaccinations and preventive care. If your pet has any known boarding-related concerns, such as anxiety or stress-related upset tummy, this is a great time to discuss possible remedies or medications. Consider calling River Road Veterinary Hospital, which is conveniently located under the same roof as Pawlins Total Pet Care, for your pet’s medical needs. Their team also is available to care for your pets as needed during their stay.

Step #3: Make a pet packing list

Rather than rush to pack for your pet the night before, start a list early and slowly get organized. Examples of items to consider for your pet’s stay include: 

  • Food — To prevent digestive issues and to provide them a sense of comfort, we suggest bringing your pet’s usual food. If staying less than a week, please place individual portions of your pet’s food into Ziplock bags. But no worries here, in case you forget your food or don’t pack enough, we can always provide your pet with our house food, which is veterinarian recommended to be easy on stomachs. Consider packing  their favorite treats as well, which may remind them of home. When you drop your pet off, we will discuss their feeding schedule, portions, and any special directions to make their stay more pleasant.
  • Medications — Whether your pet takes medication daily or sparingly, these should be included in your pet’s bag in their original packaging. Ensure that specific dosing instructions are available and easy to read. If your pet takes medication “as needed,” give detailed information about when they may benefit from a dose. An example of this would be medication to be given for storm anxiety. 
  • Familiar items — We encourage pet parents to bring along a favorite toy or bedding item that reminds their pet of home. We will label anything you bring and log it into our system so it won’t be lost. 
  • Emergency contacts — Check with your friends and family before your pet’s stay to see who is willing and available to act on your behalf, in case you can’t be reached. 

Step #4: Make your pet’s stay special

  • Grooming — You know your pet wants to look and smell good—who doesn’t? You can schedule your dog or cat for a bath, fresh hairstyle, nail trim, or deshedding treatment during their stay! You pamper yourself, now pamper your pet by adding a Pawdicure or Oatmeal Facial to their special “Spaw Day”! Our groomer prides himself on non-sedation kitty grooming.
  • Add a little something extra — We offer a full selection of A La Carte specialties for your pup or kitty! Belly rubs, snuggle time, one-on-one fetch, peanut butter stuffed Kongs, and more. Check out the full menu on pawlins.com. We didn’t forget about your feline friends: We offer special exercise time with a laser or feather toy, catnip mice, or filled kitty Kong for their pleasure! 

Step #5: Check on your pet

At Pawlins, we understand that pet parents might like to call to check on their pets. We will love to answer any questions that you have. This gives you and our team members the opportunity to discuss any concerns that may arise. You can also discuss any tidbits that weren’t mentioned at the drop-off, such as Fideaux’s favorite playtime activity or tips on giving Felix’s medication. Also, check our website anytime day or night to view our webcams in all of our play yards, Royal Suites, and our cat room.

Pawlins Total Pet Care is here for all of your boarding needs. Contact us to schedule your pet’s boarding reservation, or stop by anytime for a tour. We look forward to seeing you and your furry friends.