So you’ve brought home a precious new pet. Now what? It is only natural for your pet to explore their new home that is filled with so many new sights and scents. Unfortunately, there are hazards around every corner that could harm them.

Each room in your home has its own threats, so let’s investigate them. In your kitchen and bathrooms, make sure all of your cleaning supplies, medicines, and any toxic items are safely stored and out of reach. High shelves in pantries or cabinets are best! If you are like me, I always have candy and chocolate around, but these can be deadly for pets and need to be tucked safely away. Trash can be terribly tempting, so secure trash cans with tight fitting lids or keep them in a cabinet that can be securely closed. Keep lids closed on toilets as many cleaning chemicals are toxic to pets. Never leave your dirty laundry out. First, it will make your mother very happy, but more importantly, it could save your new pup’s life. It’s a great idea to have a laundry hamper in each bedroom or bathroom. Dirty socks and undies are often a delectable snack for pups, but these can cause blockages requiring life-saving surgery. Are you a plant enthusiast? If so, then do your research and keep the toxic ones out of reach, or give them to friends who don’t have pets. Do you have a craft room? These are fun for the whole family, except they can be filled with little dangers for your pet, including sewing thread, needles, paint, and glue.  It’s important to keep these rooms tidy and hazards out of reach or tucked away in cabinets or storage containers with lids.

Outside of your home, the fence is the first line of defense between your pup and the outside world! Carefully walk the entire perimeter and replace any rotten boards and secure any loose ones. Chicken wire is an easy addition to block any large gaps. Research your yard plants as many are toxic to pets and should be removed. There are plant identification apps you can get on your phone in case you don’t know all of their names. Finally, block access to your garage and shed and keep your beloved pet out of these areas! Many of us store chemicals, paint, paint thinner, ant or slug killer and possibly antifreeze, even around New Orleans, which is sweet and tasty but deadly to both cats and dogs.

Bored pets are more likely to go searching for something to dig into! Daycare might be a good place for your new pup to burn off some of that energy, making them less likely to get into mischief at home. Pawlins is a great place for them to get some exercise, make new friends and increase their confidence around new people. Using this guide, you can create a safe and secure environment to nuzzle with your new addition. We look forward to meeting them!